Petrified Forest Rocks

Being only 2ish hours from the Grand Canyon must be pretty intimidating as another National Park. How can one compete with that grandeur? That vastness? The fame of being one of the world’s 7 natural wonders?

A long log of petrified wood

The Petrified Forest, though only a few hours east of the Grand Canyon, need not fear being overshadowed – it delighted me because it offered up a whole other type of experience. It’s a smallish NP (the road through it only runs about 20ish miles), and while 229 square miles is not tiny, it feels quite intimate upon exploration as the points of interest are scattered and unique. I liken it to a huge outdoor museum with varied exhibits to stimulate you, rather than one singular Focal Point of Wonder (for example, a certain enormous hole to the West designed to make you stand, mouth agape, with wonder). Here, there is a slice of the Painted Desert up north, petrified quartz trees scattered in the south, a blue Smurf village in between… Continue reading “Petrified Forest Rocks”