The mind, wandering lonely like a cloud

Clouds over a rainbow, over pods of hundreds of dolphins at Channel Islands National Park

“I wander’d lonely as a cloud…”

Our trailer, before it was christened the Gray Whale (as opposed to the white…), came off the Airstream assembly line as a 25-foot, front-bed, Flying Cloud. To be honest, although this was the right model for us, I was never too keen on this particular name. The other Airstreams are a bit less florid and whimsical: the “Classic,” the “International,” even the “Sport” and “Basecamp” have simple, robust, descriptive names that tell you either what you’re getting or what it’s used for. The Flying Cloud? Robust it is not. As for “flying”, I doubt the line of cars waiting (patiently) behind us in construction zones across America would find that very apt, either. In fact, if she is ever flying, something’s probably gone dreadfully wrong…

The Flying Cloud, stationary

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Desert Blooms

It’s springtime in the desert. After two months on the road, we finally hit Spring and began seeing the desert bloom. Edward Abbey writes of cactus as having the most beautiful buds of all: “The true distinction of these flowers, I feel, is found in the contrast between the blossom and the plant which produces it. The cactus of the desert is a small, grubby, obscure and humble vegetable associated with cattle dung and overgrazing, interesting only when you tangle with it in the wrong way. Yet from this nest of thorns, this snare of hooks and fiery spines, is born once each year a splendid flower. It is unpluckable and except to an insect almost unapproachable, yet soft, lovely, sweet, desirable, exemplifying better than the rose among thorns the unity of opposites.” Continue reading “Desert Blooms”