A grill worthy of our meat

Grilling in the shadow of Joshua Trees

Prayer After Eating

I have taken in the light
that quicken eye and leaf.
May my brain be bright with praise
of what I eat, in the brief blaze or motion and of thought.
May I be worthy of my meat.

– Wendell Berry

Dinner, all courtesy of the Grill

As we’ve been adjusting to living in the parks in our tiny home, the biggest (and best) change is how much of our life is spent outdoors. Not just hiking and exploring the parks, but even in living. The outdoors is an extension of our living room and kitchen, a place to read, nap, cook. And for the first time in our lives, grilling over a hot fire has become a regular part of our cooking repertoire, and it is awesome. Continue reading “A grill worthy of our meat”

50 in 50: Month One in 30 Seconds

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says… a couple thousand?  Who can really say how many words we’d need to detail our adventures, but sometimes just one second of a memory is worth more than a million words.

As part of our 50 in 50 project, I’m creating a video where we record one second of footage for every day of our journey, stringing them together to create a mini-documentary of our lives.  At the end of this year’s journey, we’ll have squeezed all our adventures into one six-minute video, demonstrating visibly how time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.

Here’s Month 1 of Parks on Wheels.

*This is all courtesy of 1SE (One Second Everyday), a great app that I recommend to all people who long to journal but get a little too tired to find the words some days!

The Best First Hiking Trip for Canyon Newbies – Part I

As Teddy Roosevelt, one of the great champions of the National Parks said of the Grand Canyon – “This is the one great sight which every American should see.” And people all over the world, not just Americans, seem to have taken this to heart – in 2016 the Grand Canyon had over 6 million visitors. But did you know that 90% of people visiting the Grand Canyon only spend a half day there? And only 5% ever leave the rim to walk any distance into the canyon? An even smaller 1% make their way down to camp at the bottom.*

Plateau Point, in the middle of our Bright Angel ascent

Continue reading “The Best First Hiking Trip for Canyon Newbies – Part I”