Pinnacles, CA: Starting out the Year of the Rooster with Condors

On the first day of the Year of the Chicken, we started our road trip with the last National Park to be added to the register, Pinnacles, which only became a National Park in 2013. It’s a two hour drive from our starting point in the Bay Area, and given it’s small size and quiet/new reputation, we hadn’t been expecting much. I’m learning it’s nice to be wrong. Continue reading “Pinnacles, CA: Starting out the Year of the Rooster with Condors”

The adventure begins…

The adventure begins… as another adventure has ended.  After a decade in Asia and six intense, action-packed and stress-inducing years working on rule of law and human rights in one of the biggest, most polluted urban jungles in the world, S and I decided to leave our lives in China and take this seventh year as a sabbatical.

So in 2017, we’re trading in the Air-pocalypse of polluted Beijing for fresh air and blue skies. Instead of fighting traffic jams and a billion people, we’ll spend our days in the wilderness and hang with the deer and grizzlies. (Hopefully more deer than grizzlies.) Instead of staring at computer screens and iPhones, we’ll star-gaze and bird-watch. Instead of obsessing over politics and news, we are taking a much-needed break from newsfeeds, listservs and Facebook to spend more quality time with books and each other. Continue reading “The adventure begins…”